Thinking of buying wholesale or retail?

We are an independent coffee roaster and wholesaler, committed to offering our customers the highest level of product and service. Proudly based in Yorkshire, suppling freshly roasted coffee beans, machines and peripheral items to our customers. 

We would love to supply you with wholesale coffee. If you want wholesale coffee, just contact us here or click on our Faire link below. 


What Do we Offer?

  • Consistent deliveries - We ship our coffee locally & nationwide so you'll never be shy on coffee. Just let us know how much, when you want your coffee delivered and we'll drop it off at your doorstep! 
  • Cheaper prices - Naturally buying wholesale coffee reduces the cost. If you'd like to know more about this, please contact us below.
  • Quality - Coffee that has been freshly roasted and delivered maintains a level of high quality that is consistent, keeping customers happy.
  • Personal - Create your own brand image. We give you the beans and you can add your own branding to create a strong coffee shop image of quality. 
  • No contracts - We believe in offering the best product and service we can, in doing so we don't tie you into a long term contract and instead build a committed relationship.
Who we cater for

We cater for a variety of all businesses. Wether you're a small office that is looking for affordable easy coffee solutions or a large scale coffee shop that requires a tailored plan, we are here to help with all your coffee needs. 

  • Coffee Shops - We work with a variety of cafes across the UK and are happy to share our knowledge when it comes to setting up your very own cafe. We offer free barista training on site and setup of any equipment to ensure great quality and ease of use. 
  • Hotels & Pubs  - We understand that every hotel and pub is different and aim to cater towards your business and understand your needs. Wether your business requires a full barista setup or a simple user operated bean to cup machine, we can help fulfil your needs.
  • Offices - Coffee in the workplace is now an essential. So why not offer the best to co-workers and take advantage of trade prices. Depending on size and budget, we aim to find the best solution for your office.