Filter - V60 Coffee

How to brew the best V60 Coffee

The V60 method of making coffee, also known as a drip coffee produces great tasting coffee as well as being incredibly easy to make. The effort to reward ratio is well worth the investment.

Follow  our detailed guide down below on how to make the most out of your V60 and get making great coffee on a regular basis. 


What you'll need:  

V60 Dripper
V60 Filter Papers
Weighing Scales
19g Coffee
300g Hot Water
Coffee Grinder - This is optional if you have bought ground coffee, but we always recommend purchasing whole bean, then grinding before use.

    If you're missing out on any of the equipment listed above, be sure to check them out on our web-store and stock up. 

     Step 1
    Prepare the instruments

      • Begin by placing the V60 dripper on top of your cup.
      • Insert the filter and rinse with warm water.
      • Discard any residual water.

     Step 2
    Measure & Grind

      • Tare the scales.
      • Measure 19g of coffee and place into your grinder.
      • Grind coffee to a medium/fine grind.
      • Measure 300g of water and bring it to the boil. 
    Top tip: If you don't have scales the hario scoop will give you between 15-17g of coffee. 


    Step 3

      • Add the 19g of ground coffee to the dripper and make a well in the middle
      • Add 50g of boiling water to cover the ground coffee and leave to 'bloom' for 30 seconds.
      • Gradually pour the remaining water over 2 minutes. 

    Step 4
    Drip, Drip, Drip

      • Stir gently and slowly and all the coffee to drip through
      • Once fully dripped through, remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee.

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