Brewing Solidarity: Our stand with Palestine

At Snakebite Coffee Co, we perceive coffee as more than just a blend of beans. It's a means for meaningful dialogue, a catalyst for bonding, and a symbol of shared humanity. The distressing crisis in Palestine has spurred us to take action, extending our core ethos of ethical business practices to stand in solidarity with the individuals enduring hardships in Gaza.

We firmly believe that our identity as compassionate human beings precedes our role as artisan coffee roasters. Our foundation is deeply entrenched in the advocacy for human rights and ethical conduct. This unwavering belief propelled us to partake in the peaceful protests calling for an end to the oppression faced by the people of Palestine.

Navigating the discourse surrounding pressing global issues as a local business presents many challenges. The potential loss of customers, old and new, is real, yet we choose to uphold the virtues of human dignity above any monetary gains. Our adherence to human rights dissipates any fears, strengthened by the support of our community who share our values.

Advancing in our mission, we are earnest to introduce our “Profit for Palestine” initiative. With every acquisition of our specially marked coffee orders, symbolised by the Palestine flag sticker, all profits will be channeled towards facilitating much needed humanitarian aid in Gaza. This endeavour is a tangible testament to our unwavering commitment to alleviate the hardships faced by the people of Palestine.

The culture of coffee extends beyond the brew. It embodies the dialogues kindled, the ideas interchanged, and the communities forged. Our establishment is a hub for anyone desiring to engage in respectful and illuminating discussions on pivotal issues. We invite you to join us for a cup of ethically sourced coffee, partake in the discourse, expand our collective consciousness, and jointly nurture a culture of empathy and proactive engagement.

Through “Profit for Palestine”, our aspiration goes beyond financial aid, aiming to ignite discussions that could contribute to a more informed and compassionate society.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your involvement in this significant journey towards change. We eagerly anticipate countless more cups of coffee and enlightening exchanges with you.